A private detective’s stake-out is ruined by his sister intent on fixing his life.

“Exceedingly clever and deceptively seamless” Short Of The Week

“Clever story-telling and brilliant acting”  letterboxd.com

“A small gem of self-depreciating British wit”  Omeleto.com

Starring Mike Wozniak (Man Down), Lucy Pearman (Edinburgh Nominee) Cul-De-Sac is an award-winning short written and directed by Nick Flügge, and currently being developed into a feature.

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When my wife because pregnant with our first son, many emotions went through my mind. Joy, curiosity, elation, happiness and also fear. The compulsion to go and hide somewhere. In my car perhaps, in a nice quiet cul-de-sac. Around the same time I was listening to an interview on the radio with a private investigator. Turns out most

of the time, he just sat in his car and drank coffee.

The romantic notion I had of private detectives immediately went out of the window, and I was left with the feeling that most of them, in England at least, are using it as an excuse to sit on their own in a car all day, with the comforting barrier of a long-lens camera between themselves and the outside world. And all the while, deep down

thinking that maybe, this will lead to being a hero one day.

While this idea of a down-trodden P.I. was percolating in my mind,

Talkies Community Cinema launched their annual short film commissioning competition and I was selected as one of the four film-makers to take part. The idea of grubby P.I. encamped in a dark recess of suburbia went through several iterations with the help of the Talkies crew and they helped source the seemingly mundane cul-de-sac seen

in the short.

I wanted to create something that had enough of a three act structure to get screenings at festivals but that also set up a world that would act as a springboard to something longer form which I'm currently in the middle of developing. In the feature we see Chris thrown out of his comfort zone, into an explosive suburban conspiracy while struggling to win back Sarah his ex, all the while helped

and frustrated by his well-meaning sister Lottie.



Mike Wozniak, Lucy Pearman & Ben Frimston

Writer & Director  Nick Flügge

Producer  Joe McVey

DoP  Matt Patrick

Music  Ben Squires & Sam Bryant

Sound Design  Lawrence Kendrick

Colourist  Matt Osborne

Sound  Dave Burn

Camera Operator  Tom Richardson

Boom Operator  Emma Langley

Line Producer  Sara Newman

Hair & Make-Up  Vitor Oliveira

Catering  Catherine Lynch

Special Thanks  David Williamson & Ian Barnes


Nick has spent much of his career working as a copywriter and art director at many of London's top advertising agencies. He eventually began to branch out into comedy, performing stand-up, creating online sketches, and contributing material for radio and TV.

After directing several commercials he started his foray into short film. His first short, Special Delivery, found him nominated for IMDB New Filmmaker of the Year, while his second The Hook, won several awards and was picked up for distribution by Shorts.TV.

His most recent short Cul-De-Sac was selected for the London Short Film

Festival, L.A. Neo Noir Festival, and Aesthetica winning Best Film at the Downtown Tyler Film Festival and Best Comedy at The Great Lakes Film Festival. He recently helped found Mr. Tibbs, a comedy production company, with three other directors and is currently in the middle of developing Cul-De-Sac into a feature script.